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Easily add on additional camera modules to your Rexing V5 to expand viewing area INSIDE CABIN VIEW Upgrade your V5 front facing camera to have inside cabin view. Cabin view is ideal for monitoring what goes on inside during trips for limousine / Uber / Lyft drivers. ULTRA WIDE ANGLE LENS Enjoy 170° degree wide angle lens that captures the entire inside cabin along with your side window views. INFRARED NIGHT VISION Superior Night Vision Technology results in clearer footage and images when recording in low light conditions. MODULAR CAPABILITIES The Rexing V5 is compatible to add additional modules for improved performance, including two rearview and a cabin view additional camera module options. Up to 3 channels to cover your front, cabin & rearview. Simple plug into your Dash Cam to begin recording videos at 2160p +1080p/1080p. (You can choose two channels to record at the same time.) Why Rexing? Rexing is an American startup from Connecticut with Headquarters in New York. We design, test and manufacture our devices to guaranty reliability and longevity of all products. Cabin View Camera Add a view inside the vehicle with the Cabin View Module. The Rexing V5 Cabin Camera is a separate modular unit that is designed to connect with our V5 Front viewing camera. Easily combine the two units through a single connection port in order to record simultaneously your front and cabin view. Monitor and record your cabin as if you were looking at your rearview mirror. Ideal for Limousine/taxi/ Uber / Lyft drivers who need rides documented. Compatible with Rexing V5 front camera, V5 waterproof rear camera, or V5 rear camera.

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